Dr. Smith is board certified through the National Board of Orthodontics, U.S. We have been rendering professional services to New Orleans metropolitan area residents at our present location since 1989.


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Everyone can benefit from a better smile, straighter teeth, an overall improved appearance, and improved self esteem. If you are looking to make a positive change in your smile, we can help. We have the experience, credentials, certifications, and the professional expertise to assist you in attaining some the goals you would like to achieve. Don’t allow your dental appearance to be the reason you are not accepted by potential friends, associates, and people who affect your career decisions. We can help eliminate some of the obstacles (an unattractive smile and teeth) that may be holding you back and interfering with your progress in life.


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Orthodontic Treatment


Poorly aligned teeth or an improper bite can not only detract from your smile but may also lead to tooth decay, gum disease and eventually early tooth loss. For these problems, among other reasons, everyone should have an orthodontic check-up at least once. Treatments can start for kids as young as 7, though age is not a bar for treatment with braces.


Types of Braces


With the most advanced Orthodontic technology, young patients and adults can feel good about how they look with braces.


Clear Aligners – Having a confident smile can change everything. Clear aligners make the decision easy. You can get a stunning smile without people even noticing you’re going through treatment. So start on the right track today and find out more about clear aligners.

Standard Braces – Fully-programmed Metal Braces are now much smaller than they used to be.

Standard Braces

Clear Braces – Even less noticeable are Esthetic, Tooth-Colored Braces.


Clear Braces

Gold Braces & Colored Braces – For patients who want to be noticed, braces now come in a variety of fun options. Gold Braces make a bold style statement, or you can choose a set containing every imaginable color.


Gold Braces


Colored Braces