Dr. A.J. Smith of New Orleans, LA: Helping Smiles since 1989

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression


Are you looking for a quality New Orleans orthodontist? Do you want to improve the impression you make when meeting other people? At the office of Dr. A.J. Smith, we can help with all of your dental care needs.

The orthodontic services (teeth straightening) we provide will not only improve your appearance, but will also enhance your self-esteem and the impression you make on others. Dr. A.J. Smith has been providing top-quality orthodontic care to the New Orleans area since 1989.

We all make judgments about others based on the first thing we see, and many times the first thing we see is a person’s smile. At our New Orleans orthodontic practice, we correct gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, protruding teeth, overbites, underbites, and every other smile imperfection. We do this through a variety of treatment options: natural colored braces, conventional silver braces, gold braces, or clear aligners.

Braces Are for Everyone

Think braces are just for kids? Not any more. A growing number of adults are investing in them, too. And thanks to our office, braces of all types – from the clear, invisible style to the traditional, metallic look – are provided in record time at highly affordable prices.

The New Orleans orthodontic office of A.J. Smith, DDS, is conveniently located directly on a city bus line, across the street from Brother Martin High School. We offer a wide variety of payment options, including credit card processing and interest free monthly financing. Additionally, most types of insurance and dental discount plans are accepted. Use a combination of your dental discount plan with monthly payments to cover the entire cost of your new braces, without hurting your wallet.

Financing requires no upfront payment, and initial consultations from this top-ranked New Orleans orthodontist are free. To ensure affordability, quality, and timeliness, retainers are molded and formed on-site by highly trained technicians.

A Commitment to Personalized Care

We realize many people are anxious when they go to the dentist. So, we provide a variety of custom care options to keep our patients comfortable and happy. Patients can opt to have their session performed in a quiet, private room or elect to be right in the center of the action, with plenty of staff and providers to socialize. The choice is totally yours.

During the free consultation appointment, Dr. Smith thoroughly discusses his ideal course of treatment, as well as other options. Keeping affordability in mind, we’ll work with the patient to make sure the plan of action fits every time and budgetary restraint. While some patients would rather pay everything up front, we allow payment over time since treatment is provided over a period of time.

Even hectic work schedules do not get in the way of a visit to our practice. We’re open on Saturdays and during lunch hours. Patients can have appointments during their lunch break or have urgent situations resolved on Saturdays.

Great Location, Excellent Care, Flexible Hours

The office is centrally located on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans. We offer a safe, off-street parking lot for patients who wish to drive to their appointments. There is no worrying about the meter when you visit us.

During your appointment, you will get a high level of care in a clean, sterile environment. Dr. Smith and his team of well-trained technicians use state-of-the-art, evidence-based care that patients appreciate and enjoy.

Dr. Smith has been a popular New Orleans orthodontist for more than two decades. He has been a model of stability, having occupied the same office throughout his tenure. Yet he’s also stayed ahead of the competition by upgrading the office with the latest treatment equipment and entertainment technology. Your treatment will be exactly what you’ve been looking for from a dental care provider.

Making a free consultation appointment has never been easier. You can call our office and talk to our friendly staff or contact us though this website. You can visit the office during a wide range of hours Monday through Saturday. At your convenience, we will be sitting you down to discuss the most practical way to drastically improving the look of your teeth for a lifetime.

What We Do

Dr. Smith is Board Certified through the National Board of Orthodontics, U.S., and has been offering treatment for years to thousands of satisfied patients. He and his staff are in the business of helping people feel better about the way that they look to themselves and to others through smile improvements gained through orthodontic correction.

The office is conveniently located on a public bus line and directly across the street from Brother Martin High School.

  • Free Examinations
  • No Down Payments
  • Interest Free Monthly Payments
  • Convenient Location
  • Lunch Time Appointments
  • Clear Aligners
  • Board Certified via NBO, U.S.
  • Available Mon-Sat
  • Credit & Debit Cards Accepted
  • Insurance/Discount Plans Accepted
  • Online Payments
  • Online Viewing of Patient Pictures
  • Online Appointment Viewing
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